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The Road to Rock Island



The Road to Rock Island is a historical novel based on the service of my GG Grandfather William M. Moore of the 38th and 15th Georgia Regiments. It is a companion work to my first novel, War Comes to Broad River. It follows his service with Stonewall Jackson’s Second Corp of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia and beginning in the spring of 1863 with Longstreet’s First Corp until he was taken prisoner near Knoxville, Tennessee in the winter of 1864. The last part of the book deals with the experiences of the prisoners at Rock Island Prison from February 1864 until March 1865 when he was exchanged. Much of the information on the conditions and experiences is taken from the writings of men who were prisoners at Rock Island including a short book written by John W. Minnich who was captured near Knoxville and traveled with the author’s GG Grandfather to Rock Island and was housed in the barrack next to him.

Like the 1st book, the characters in the book are all real people with the exception of a few people invented to help develop a storyline. Those invented represent historically accurate depictions of people who would have been a part of this titanic struggle between two diverse sections of the adolescent country and like the first contains fictional dialogue among the characters and several letters written by the author to simulate those that would have been written by the central character, Will Moore, and his wife.

Information on the campaigns and battles in which Will Moore and his compatriots were involved were researched heavily and represent historically accurate summaries of the events that transpired and the men who were involved.

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