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My journey into genealogy began in 1999 as I determined to find out all I could about the involvement of my families in the War Between the States which had always been a period of great interest to me as I studied history as a child and in college. The more I searched my roots the more fascinating the results became. I could not have imagined when I began the wealth of information I would discover on my families involvement in the history of our country.  Although simple farmers for the most part, they would play roles in opening up the frontier, serving in the military and simply helping build the country as it expanded from its beginnings on the east coast of the continent and on to the west.

Genealogy is becoming increasingly popular as people search their roots for a variety of reasons. Some are interested in the historical significance their ancestors may have played and are interested in various historical lineage organizations such as DAR, others in the origin of their families back to Europe and some even do family research seeking to find information about the health issues from which their ancestors may have died.

Regardless of the reason, family history occupies much of the time devoted to internet research today and there are many useful tools to assist those who are interested. I have listed a few of the popular websites for genealogy research. Some are available free and others by subscription. Those listed are only a few of the many sites available.

Free Sites:

Pay Sites: