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War Comes to Broad River

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Book Review on War Comes to Broad River by Ron Jones – Publisher Tate Publishing LLC – Cost $19.95

Ron Jones transforms the personal thoughts and feelings related through the diary of his second great grandfather Isaac V. Moore into a historical novel by creating dialogue for the many characters.  The campaigns and battles that the men of Company B 9th Georgia Regiment later Company E of the 37th Regiment Georgia fought and participated in from the beginning of the War Between the States until the surrender can be relived through the author’s story telling methods.  A reader with little to no knowledge of the war can appreciate and understand how the average soldier in the Army of Tennessee lived and survived daily.  You can relate to the lives, which are a part of a larger picture in history that molds the future we live in now. 

          The unfolding story shows the many different facets of the war including fraternal bonds of friendship, hardships on the home front, personal heartache, fear and others.  You will experience a wealth of different emotions as you are brought to a personal level with the characters.

          Jones states he is trying to, “merely tell a story of a real person and his friends and family framed by his service to his country and participation as a soldier in the ‘Greatest Fighting Force Ever Assembled.’”  This unique style of writing combines fact with fiction, truth with imagination.  The journal offers primary source for research of a first-person account of the War Between the States while the story is unfolded for the reader’s enjoyment with a realistic description of the soldier’s life.  War Comes to Broad River would be an excellent addition to anyone’s library, especially those who would like to learn more about the common soldier and his daily routine during the War Between the States.

Written by Cassie A. Barrow

The Civil War Courier

June 2006, Page 60

Courier Book Review by Duane A. Benell

This historical nove is based on real people and events.  The basis of the book is daily kept by the author's second great grandfather Isaac Vaughn Moore of Madison County, GA.  Isaac enlisted in Co. B, 9th Georgia Infantry Battalion on May 10th, 1862.  He was 31 years old, a clerk in a small rural store, and was married with five children.  In May 1863 his Company became part of the Army of Tennessee.  

His regiment took part in opporations at Cumberland Gap, Perryville, Stones River, Chickamauga (where Isaac was slightly wounded), the various battles of the Atlanta Campaign, Franklin, and Nashville.  His regiment was surrenderred in North Carolina on April 27, 1865.

The author has woven the story around excerpts from the diary.  He writes that the story is true and the people and events, with only a few exceptions are real.  The dialog between the characters, the letters between Isaac and his wife and several of the events in the story are created by him.

The diary entries are very short giving the date, location and main activity of the day.  During the entire war Isaac rarely deviated from this form, but does mention casualties of comrades.  Because of the author's research he has written a very believable story of ordinary patriotic Southern men serving their cause.

The story also gives the reader a realistic picture of life on the home front with scarcity of items, rising prices, news of deaths and other ever increasing hardships being endured by those left behind.  

Part II of the book contains the entire diary, most of which is in the story as well as the roster of Co. E which includes name, date of enlistment, rank, date of death, prison if captured, type of wound etc.  Part III contains a record of Madison County soldiers who were supplied with salt and 93 pages of the author's genealogy on the Moore, Simmons, Vaughn, Power and David families of Madison County.

The author has done a fine job on this well written book and I enjoyed it.  With the unit roster as well as the genealogy it can be a useful research source.  It could also serve as a regimental history of the 37 GA Inf.  It does lack footnotes and an index though.  There are a number of Civil War photographs of Confederate Generals and battlefields which add to the book, as do the pictures of Isaac.  If you are related to the above families this book is a must have.  If you have yet to find your Civil War ancestor perhaps this book will help inspire you to do family research.

Title:  War Comes to Broad River
Author:  Ron Jones
Publisher:  Tate Publishing
Pages:  340
Price:  $19.95
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