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War Comes to Broad River


War Comes to Broad River is an unusual book about the civil war because it combines a primary source with creative fiction.  The primary source is a diary kept by a soldier, Isaac V. Moore, Company E, 37th Georgia Infantry.  In this diary Isaac covers his military experience from the early days of the war until the surrender of his regiment with the Army of Tennessee.  The creative fiction is the contribution of the author who creates conversations and describes scenes which are alluded to, but not transcribed, in the diary.  These additions are done with a high degree of skill and reflect a knowledge of the war gained by extensive study and reading.

          While the diary of Isaac V. Moore could stand alone as a contribution to scholarship about the war, the “fleshing out” of the characters and situations by the author’s imagination makes the book appealing to a wider audience than historians or history buffs.

          Through the pages of War Comes to Broad River readers will make the acquaintance of a host of real people from our past whose ordinary lives were transformed by being caught up in the great drama of war.  The reward of this knowledge is well worth the pleasurable effort of reading this unusual book.

Dr. Michael R. Bradley

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