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War Comes to Broad River


War Comes to Broad River is the title of my historical novel based on the diary of my Great Great Grand Uncle Isaac Vaughn Moore of the Fork Creek area of Madison County.

"Ike" Moore's diary stands as a remarkable look into the every day activities of a common soldier during the War Between the States.  Much has been written about the Generals of the armies of the North and South and the battles that were waged but less is known about the common men whose lives were most affected.  Few soldiers kept records which span the entire length of the war and even fewer the events of the war in Tennessee and Georgia.

Moore's story is most likely similar to many of the hundreds of thousands of common men whose lives were dramatically altered during this four year period which quite likely produced the most profound changes in the history of our country.

The book, although based on Moore’s diary and including research from numerous historical sources covering the battles and campaigns of the Army of Tennessee in which he served, contains fictionalized accounts of his activities which have been woven into the information provided by Sergeant Moore. Some of the events, although fiction, represent historically accurate representations of events that might have occurred and been witnessed by Sergeant Moore during his service. The letters included as part of the story are for the most part fictional as I know of no letters written by Sgt. Moore and his wife during the war to have survived.

With the exception of two, the characters in the book are all real people, taken from the pages of his journal or from information I gathered during genealogical research and study of the censuses of Madison County Georgia in the years preceding the war.

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